CSWIP, hosted by Mount Royal University

Thank you to Ada Jaarsma for organizing this year’s Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy conference in Calgary over the weekend! I was glad for the opportunity to present my paper on horror television’s translation of the Robert Pickton case as part of a larger panel on crime against women with Rebecca Tuvel and Chloë Taylor.

Also, I had a wonderful experience attending a lecture given by Cressida Heyes on time and work on Friday evening. At Mount Royal, they put her name in lights:


Kristeva Circle

A big thank you to Fanny Söderbäck, Sarah Hansen, Kelly Oliver, and Siena College for organizing and hosting the inaugural meeting of the Kristeva Circle in New York! The conference was really stimulating and I can’t wait for the next meeting. Check out the program here.

The Kristeva Circle and the Society for the Philosophy of Creativity will host a session at the Eastern APA meeting on Saturday, December 29th at 1:30 pm. The panel will include presentations by Pleshette DeArmitt, Noëlle McAfee, and Rebecca Tuvel. Please attend!