Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Dr. David Schmidtz at Stetson

Stetson’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter is very pleased to welcome Dr. David Schmidtz (Philosophy, University of Arizona) to campus next week! He’s holding three public events, visiting classes, and eating and conversing with students and faculty.

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Spring semester 2015

I am thrilled to begin classes today. I am teaching Logic, Environmental Ethics, and Contemporary Moral Dilemmas. CDM might be my most daring syllabus yet – I am headed to the frontiers of ethics and the outskirts of morality with the following units: Sexual Ethics, Privacy and Honesty, Resources and Consumption, Weapons, Police, and Punishment, and Terrorism, Torture, and Dystopia. In a world where people demand apologies from celebrities on Twitter, out their college roommates, and confine prisoners for 30+ years in solitary, we need new resources and ways of thinking about ethics if we are going to be responsive and awake to often hidden challenges.