Fixing the Leaky Pipeline

I’m proud of the work I’ve done in the past year as co-director of the Stetson University Honors Program, along with my colleague Dr. Michael Denner.

We’ve established a transfer articulation agreement with Daytona State College’s Quanta Honors Program in collaboration with head Dr. Maggie Karda. It’s innovative because it’s a program-to-program agreement, and the tight relationship we’ve built with the head of the Quanta Honors Program allows us to solve problems that are normally intractable — credit transfers, advising prior to enrollment, and a real, personal knowledge among cooperating authors of the agreement of the curriculum at the partner institution.

We are moving AA students into BAs, and improving retention to completion.

Read all about it here.


The Biopolitics of Bioethics

See here for Shelley Tremain’s post at Discrimination and Disadvantage, “The Biopolitics of Bioethics.”

Her forthcoming book, Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability, details the ways biopolitics and bioethics are intertwined in key bioethical debates.

My book, The Bioethics of Enhancement: Transhumanism, Disability, and Biopoliticswhich she links to in her post, treats these questions in regard to the debate over enhancement.