reading, writing, teaching, and course design

It’s the middle of a busy summer here in Florida, a time when your pen will melt right in your hand as you attempt to put words on paper. (My excitement at playing a game of tennis ended in heat rash and a solemn vow to return to the sport in the fall.)

Work for this summer includes editing a major writing project, a book manuscript that I have tentatively re-titled (and re-titled…and re-titled again!). Lots of new work is being published in my area, so I’m reading new stuff on disability, bioethics, and Foucault by Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Shelley Tremain, and Aimi Hamraie (among others).

I’m designing a course on membership and leadership in communities for Stetson’s proposed degree completion program. The course is meant for adults, and I would teach Machiavelli, Rawls, and Kittay to triangulate major issues on these topics. I’m also engaging in syllabus creation for new courses to be taught next academic year, including Contemporary Continental Philosophy and a Department Seminar (a course for senior majors) called Foundations of Continental Philosophy: Specters Haunting Europe.

On top of all that, I’m teaching a four-week accelerated logic course. My wonderful students have their game faces on and have been shredding it so far!

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