Courses Taught at Stetson University

Best Books Club (HONR 401/2)
Bio-Medical Ethics (PHIL 316E)
Contemporary Continental Philosophy (PHIL 310)
Contemporary Moral Dilemmas (PHIL 315E) — Junior Seminar
Enduring Questions (HONR 101) — Honors First-Year Seminar
Environmental Ethics (PHIL 317R)
Ethics (PHIL 350E)
Feminist Philosophy (PHIL 309J)
Foundations of Continental Philosophy (PHIL 499) — Department (Senior) Seminar
Introduction to Logic (PHIL 104Q)
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 101B)

Courses Taught at Vanderbilt University

General Logic (PHIL 102)
Introduction to Medical Ethics (PHIL 108W)
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 100W)