Community Education Project Open House

To the Stetson University and DeLand community:

On February 16th, the Community Education Project (CEP) is hosting Open House for anyone interested in learning more about higher education in prison and potentially getting involved as a lecturer or volunteer.

CEP was established by Stetson professors in 2015 at Tomoka Correctional Institution located in Daytona, Florida with a mission to provide incarcerated people with high quality education. Since then we have been developing CEP with our incarcerated students with much success. Thanks to the support of all our lecturers and volunteers we were able to offer numerous college level courses, guest lectures, workshops and reading groups to incarcerated students. In addition, CEP students have also presented their intellectual work at the regional and national conferences.

During the Open House you will be able to learn about the opportunities to participate in the program and our future initiatives, meet the CEP students through their creative work, and much more.


CEP team

Co-Directors: Pamela Cappas-Toro, Andy Eisen, Melinda Hall, and Jelena Petrovic

Intern: Julie Varga

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