• Interview with Treasure Roberts, News 6 Orlando May 15: “Florida DEI law for public universities puts private schools on alert” (news segment)
  • Beacon staff, The West Volusia Beacon May 10: “Now You Know: Teaching topics deemed controversial” (link)
  • Interview with Noah Hertz, West Volusia Beacon’s Now You Know, Apr. 28: “Teaching topics deemed controversial in college classrooms” (Podcast episode)


  • Interview with Eric Alvarez, LX Explains, Nov. 2 and 3: On horror and disability stereotypes (Streaming broadcast; view recording)
  • Julia Sullivan, Feb. 23: “International Women’s Day for kids: How to explain the holiday to children of all ages” (link)


  • Pathikrit Sanyal, Jun. 17: “What is DisCrit? Understanding disability critical race studies” (link)
  • Maressa Brown, Mar. 2: “How to Explain Feminism in Terms Simple Enough for a Child” (link)
  • Sandra Carr, Stetson Today Feb. 24: “Seeding Justice: Stetson Receives $359,000 Mellon Foundation Grant for College-In-Prison Program” (link)
  • Susan B. Levin, Feb. 4: “The tranhumanist quest for a godlike humanity threatens personal freedom” (link)
  • Maressa Brown, Jan. 26: “How to Explain Biden’s Gender Discrimination Order–in Terms Simple Enough for Kids to Understand” (link)
  • Susan B. Levin, OUP blog Jan. 9: “Playing to lose: transhumanism, autonomy, and liberal democracy” (link)


  • Amy Kuperinsky, Aug. 9: “Women in masks, men in denial: Why some say they won’t cover up to fight COVID-19” (link)
  • Sam Schube, GQ Jul. 28: “How Stan Van Gundy Got Radicalized” (link)
  • John Altmann and Bryan W. Van Norden, The New York Times Opinion Jul. 8: “Was This Ancient Taoist the First Philosopher of Disability?” (link)


  • Shannon Green, Orlando Sentinel Jun. 6: “Abortion  bans aren’t just a war on women, they’re a war among women” (link)
  • Talk Media News May 22: “Female congressional staffers getting more leadership roles with freshman lawmakers” (link)
  • Stetson Today, May 11: “Recognizing outstanding achievement” (link)
  • Stetson Today, May 10: “Stetson Faculty Awarded Tenure and Promotion” (link)
  • Eileen Zaffiro-Kean, Daytona Beach News Journal May 11: “‘You make it work’: Volusia working moms juggle dual roles” (link)
  • T. S. Jarmusz, Daytona Beach News Journal May 8: “Stetson professors venture to prison to educate inmates” (link)


  • Christian Toto, The Washington Times Oct. 28: “Hollywood liberals fail to focus #MeToo outrage on Democratic men” (link)
  • Gracie Bonds Staples, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Oct. 11: “Why are women surprised, angered by Kavanaugh confirmation?” (link)
  • Adam McCann, Wallethub Oct. 2: “Best & Worst Cities for People with Disabilities” (link)
  • Katie Kustura, Daytona Beach News Journal Jul. 1: “Stetson prison education program receives grant to grow” (link)
  • Cory Lancaster, Stetson Today Jun. 25: “Stetson Receives $210,000 grant for Prison Education Project” (link)


  • Shelley Tremain, Discrimination and Disadvantage Jul. 19: “Dialogues on Disability: Shelley Tremain Interviews Melinda Hall” (link)
  • Discrimination and Disadvantage Jun. 5-9: “Book Symposium on Melinda Hall’s The Bioethics of Enhancement” (link)
  • Olga Khazan, The Atlantic, Feb. 18: “Should We Die?” (link)


  • Melinda Hall, Stetson Today Jul. 5: “Ethics from the Ground Up” (link)


  • Bill Noblitt, Stetson Today Jun. 5: “Are the Big Questions Still Relevant?” (link)