Talking Enhancement over Skype: Philosophy of Disability Conference

This weekend I had the pleasure of presenting my disability critique of human enhancement for the Philosophy of Disability conference hosted by Adam Cureton and UT Knoxville. My presentation is a slice of a chapter I am preparing for inclusion in the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Disability, which defends the claim that the promotion of human enhancement is inimical to disability rights projects (that is, the promotion of disabled lives, and pushing back against stigma).

Miraculously, there were no Skype interruptions during my remote presentation. Thanks to the participants for listening and for some very interesting questions!


CSWIP 2017

I look forward to joining friends and colleagues at Western this weekend for the 2017 meeting of the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy.

I’ll be commenting on Shelley Tremain’s fantastic new book, Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability, set to be released in December. Next week, after the conference, panellists’ commentaries will be posted one-by-one on the Discrimination and Disadvantage blog. Shelley’s response to all commentaries will be posted on November 2nd!

New article: Journal of Social Philosophy

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of my most recent article, “Obscured Social Construction as Epistemic Harm”, which appeared today in the Journal of Social Philosophy. It’s part of a special issue entitled “Reshaping the Polis: Toward a Political Conception of Disability,” guest edited by Shelley Tremain. All of the articles look fantastic and I can’t wait to dig in.

Check out the TOC.

Interview with Shelley Tremain, Dialogues on Disability

I was so honored to be interviewed by Shelley Tremain in the 28th monthly installment of the Dialogues on Disability series, hosted by the Discrimination and Disadvantage blog. Our conversation was posted this morning! It covers all kinds of topics, including my experiences with anxiety, the social construction of disability, disability in the university, and my recent academic work.

Check it out! 

Symposium on my book, The Bioethics of Enhancement, June 2017

The Discrimination and Disadvantage blog hosted a symposium this week on my book. The commentaries from recent Author-Meets-Critics sessions this spring at philoSOPHIA and the Canadian Philosophical Association were posted one-by-one and my response to them was posted today.

At the top of each post are links to all the commentaries, written by Catherine Clune-Taylor, Jane Dryden, Ladelle McWhorter, and Shelley Tremain. After reading what folks have to say, check out my response!

Thank you so much again to the commentators and to Shelley for organizing the panels and symposium! The IJFAB Blog also has a post up about the symposium.

Book Panel 5/31 @ CPA

I’m looking forward to the panel on my book, The Bioethics of Enhancement, to be held this Wednesday at the Canadian Philosophical Association (Congress) in Toronto.

Thanks to Shelley Tremain, who organized the panel, and to the commentators (who I also had the pleasure of working with during last month’s book panel): Ladelle McWhorter, Jane Dryden, Catherine Clune-Taylor, and Shelley. Thank you, again, to each of you! I’m thrilled to reconvene!