The Bioethics of Enhancement, Reviewed

I was so thrilled to see my recent book, The Bioethics of Enhancement, reviewed in the Hastings Center Report by Joel Michael Reynolds. Check out the whole issue, including the review, “Being Better Bodies”.

Here’s an excerpt from the extremely thoughtful review:

“Claims that things will be better when we have progressed beyond our current embodied conditions are based on bad epistemology, bad psychology, and bad philosophy. Were such a future ever to come about, the jury is out on its meaning for human well-being. Those who say otherwise are engaged in sales, not science; publicity, not philosophy. By exposing such subterfuges, Hall’s work marks an opportunity for bioethics to reflect more rigorously about the values shaping the field’s and medicine’s aims—and the effects those values play in building or destroying a more just world. If Hall is right, we should focus less on being better bodies and more on simply being better” (Reynolds 2017, 47).

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