Is the #MeToo Movement Ableist?

Shelley Tremain and I wrote a blog post about the ableism of the #MeToo Movement. Here is an excerpt:

“Indeed, the attention of the #MeToo Movement has been unevenly distributed—regarding both who can claim to be a victim and who can be framed as an offender. Gabrielle Union, a black movie star and writer, argues that white women are the primary beneficiaries of the #MeToo Movement, saying: “I think the floodgates have been opened for white women”.

Although the race and class implications of this uneven application have been apparent to some people, we cannot stop the conversation there. We must begin to talk about the insidious and implicit ableism of the movement. A routine Google News search reveals that the word “disability” appears in recent news stories about the #MeToo Movement, but almost always only as part of a list of identifiers which include race and class, almost never as a topic of conversation.”

Read the whole post.

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